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Application of the steel framework make the basic carrier system which generate gathered reaction with steel construction on the ground. The ideal solution in this type of issues is to apply pad foundation which in a safe way transmit all the forces on the ground.


The size of the pad foundation and their position relative to geometric axis of the steel structure depend on the static scheme design and soil water conditions.

Accordingly for detailed determination of the foundation size current research of geotechnical site is necessary.

There are ground beams between the pad foundation. They are necessary for the proper support and attach the wall cabinet. BP beams are not based on the ground but on the pad foundation and they are linked with them in an articulated way.

Most foundations are made of reinforced concrete B25 steel AIIIN( RB 500 W). Steel construction connection with foundation is made by using steel collectors in the form of diffuse anchors with the foundation ( anchor block) or pasted anchors.



Main structure

Steel structures are characterized by high quality and durability. All major load-bearing elements are made as welded plate girder with variable height and thickness of the sections and the length of the belt


The whole is protected against corrosion by means of sandblasting and applying multi-layer coating. All the connections are made with screws for easy removal or expansion at a later date.


Rosmont domain are steel halls, tailored to the individual needs of the investor.



To ensure the highest quality:

- We use only certified raw materials supplied by the best suppliers.

- We respect the highest standards for the production of steel structures.

- We comply with the current requirements and standards, which ensure safety of our compounds.




Secondary structure

Purlins and transoms


The role of secondary elements in the construction act type Z elements and closed profiles. Thanks to the secondary construction transfer part of the loads, allowing for a better static hall optimization


Division of construction steel hall:

due to the nature of the main construction:

a) solid ( sections and plate girder)

b) truss

c) spatial ( structural)

due to the function of the elements in the design of the hall:

a) primary (main): frames, trusses, columns, concentration

b) secondary: purlins, wall bolts, borders.

due to the shape:

a) single bay hall (monoplane)

b) multi bay hall ( multiplane)

c) added hall



Types of wall enclosures:

-composite panel (styrofoan core, polyurethane, mineral wool)

-trapezoidal steel sheet

-steel cartridge+ mineral wool+ trapezoidal steel sheet

-trapezoidal steel sheet+ mineral wool+trapezoidal steel sheet



Types of roof cover:

-composite panel (styrofoan core, polyurethane, mineral wool)

-trapezoidal sheet metal

-trapezoidal sheet metal+ mineral wool+ membranePCV (or membrane EPDM or thermo-weldable roofing paper)

-trapezoidal steel metal+ mineral wool + trapezoidal steel metal




-windows (PCV, aluminium)

-gateways ( segmental, to open, sliding)

-doors( steel, aluminium)

-roof and wall highlights

-smoke flaps

-roof hatches

-external ladders

-internal and external stairs

-loading docks






Roof skylights ensure optimal and even illumination of premises-complete light entering through the windows. However, they are often the only source of daylight. The use of skylights in the roof guarantee economic and health benefits. Skylights can be installed on most types of roof- flat, sloped at the premises of different purpose. Another possibility is the use of lateral filling with multi-chamber polycarbonate plate in the side walls or the peak.


. We use skylights consist of steel construction with polycarbonate multi-chamber plate made individually or systemic reputable companies.






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