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Our Offer

We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of construction of objects based on prefabricated base indoor steel structures.


The buildings through its diversified architecture and optimal selection of enclosure walls and roof can serve :


  • production halls, storage and logistics halls
  • high storage warehouses
  • sport facility, performance facility
  • cold stores, freezers
  • workshops, car dealers
  • barns, pigsty, hen houses
  • sorting plant of fruit and vegetables
  • steel sheds
  • the stable and horse stables
  • commercial office buildings



Steel Halls ROSMONT :

- experience, modern aesthetics, functionality and simple detail.

Our offer includes:


  • consulting
  • drawing up the concept
  • estimate of the cost, evaluation
  • making foundations
  • comprehensive delivery of prefabricated steel halls
  • the delivery and the assembly of accessories
  • general execution of investment



Our property building:


  •  Low costs of investment (steel building construction are cheaper than traditional ones).
  •  Easiness of the reconstruction and expansion : very quickly adjust the size and type of farming to changing market conditions.
  • Fast realization : you can build throughout the year.
  • Comfort and the easiness :steel structures are light and tough.
  • Safety: the big space enables more comfortable service.



In our offer you will find buildings insulated and non-insulated.





We process your object quickly, cheaply and reliably!


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ROSMONT- Wykonawca obiektów przemysłowych, handlowych i usługowych -firma Rosmont Gdańsk, woj. pomorskie - oferuje prefabrykowane hale stalowe budowane w oparciu o nowoczesne konstrukcje stalowe. Nasza oferta to budowa magazynów, budowa stajni, budowa stadnin oraz produkcja hal. Oferujemy hale przemysłowe o różnych rozwiązaniach architektonicznych co pozwala na ich wykorzystanie jako hale logistyczne, hale magazynowe i produkcyjne. Rosmont - hale stalowe Gdańsk, Trójmiasto, pomorskie - producent nowoczesnych hal magazynowych zaprasza po najwyższej jakości hale prafabrykowane i inne konstrukcje stalowe.