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P.P.H.U. „ROSMONT” is a building company with long-term experience. We specialize in industrial building.



The most demanding customers are enjoyed with our products. We offer individualized terminations which are fitted to our customers.


Thanks to our own installer’s teams experience and constantly developing skills we are carrying out the most difficult investments tasks. We focus on the quality of performed works, punctuality and reliability. We are carrying out the projects for home as well as foreign contracting parties in the system of the General Execution.


Our company effectively compete as the general contractor as well as the representative of producers taking into account panels on the market of construction services. We are focused on systematic business progress and consolidation of our position on the market as well as delivering the best quality products to our customers in the shortest time. We also offer “turnkey” solutions.


We have our own manufacturing company of the steel construction and bodywork processing, all indispensable machines and devise to structure and the casing of hall, what’s more heavy equipment as: crane and hoist. Thanks to these devices we are able to offer the best price for our customers.


Our employees are checked, have a rich professional knowledge often associated with the company since the beginning of its activities, therefore we can make even the most difficult construction objects.




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P.P.H.U. "ROSMONT" Mariola Rost


Office: (58)736-29-38

Building: 783-487-114

Management:601-690-196 ,  691-750-296


84-239 Bolszewo

ul. Nad Jazem 13




ROSMONT- Wykonawca obiektów przemysłowych, handlowych i usługowych -firma Rosmont Gdańsk, woj. pomorskie - oferuje prefabrykowane hale stalowe budowane w oparciu o nowoczesne konstrukcje stalowe. Nasza oferta to budowa magazynów, budowa stajni, budowa stadnin oraz produkcja hal. Oferujemy hale przemysłowe o różnych rozwiązaniach architektonicznych co pozwala na ich wykorzystanie jako hale logistyczne, hale magazynowe i produkcyjne. Rosmont - hale stalowe Gdańsk, Trójmiasto, pomorskie - producent nowoczesnych hal magazynowych zaprasza po najwyższej jakości hale prafabrykowane i inne konstrukcje stalowe.